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Attempting in video: Hello, my name is Jade, I am 20 years Old. What is your name?

Sorry about the camera quality and my frequent pausing! I'm still quite new, but I am loving learning BSL.

I decided to start learning because I currently volunteer with people who have different learning and physical disabilities, and recently I have been informed that I will be working (somewhat) closely with a Deaf person. I thought that it would be nice if I could communicate with her a little. One of my closest friends also has autism and at times, can often be non-verbal. Previously we have used fingerspelling to communicate, however due to efficiency we have both decided to start learning BSL separately. I hope to teach in a specialised school/placement teaching adults with disabilities in a few years after my degree, and a lot of places are in need of people who can sign BSL.

So I guess I have quite a few reasons and before writing this I didn't realise I had so many!


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Well done you.  It is a wonderful skill to have if you work with people with LD or the deaf.  I started with Makaton at a school with children with LDs.  It was the best thing I have done.  So, I decided to take the next step!  Good luck.

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