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Introducing myself

Jennifer Daulby

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Hello everyone, 

How brilliant is this forum! I was worried about how I was going to practice BSL with others during lockdown but this is perfect :)

My name is Jen and I decided I wanted to learn BSL after watching the first week of Britain's Got Talent...A programme I usually steer well clear of, having been in the professional entertainment industry myself for years. But the children's choir 'Sign Along With Us' completely moved me and I wanted to take a step towards learning a new way of communicating, and here I am. Going well so far and I think this is a wonderfully comprehensive course, I have signed up to many a course during lockdown and truth be told, this is the only one I'll be seeing through to the end.

Was feeling brave this morning and have attempted a video introduction too. I work on board a cruise ship and had to look the sign up, would appreciate any feedback on whether it is correct.

Thanks all, hope to practice signing with you soon.



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