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Hi, I'm Anna and I have always wanted to learn sign language. I am currently working as a 1:1 TA  in a primary school and although it is not needed for my day to day job there is a deaf lady who works as a midday assistant so I would love to communicate better with her. Good luck everyone.

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    • Hi! My name is Olli, and I am SUPER excited to be here and finally learning BSL! A little bit about myself: I am 16 years old and studying animal management at college, I'm hoping to study zoology at University! I love animals and want to one day become a zookeeper. Because I want to work in the public sector I felt that it was super important for me to learn sign so that I could hopefully make trips to the zoo a bit more accessible and educational for deaf/hoh people! (I also just believe that people should learn bsl no matter what, because it can help so many people). ❤️
    • Hello, I play some shooters like Apex Legends, I also play Dungeons and Dragons. Are you currently working on your degree? How is it going?
    • Hi Charlie! I'm really into video games and chess too, and your reason for learning is really sweet. What video games are you into?
    • Hi there, my name's Eleanor. I'm a 22-year-old musician from the UK. I'm passionate about cooking, songwriting, pottery, rollerskating, reading and languages. My long-term goal is to get a degree in Psychology to become a psychotherapist for both hearing and Deaf communities, so I hope to integrate my knowledge of sign language into that. I worked as a Specialist Support Worker for young adults living with complex disabilities and deafblindness for some time, so I know some Makaton and BSL already, but the relationships I formed with the people I supported really instigated my passion to commit myself to learning sign language in its entirety.  Good luck with your courses!
    • Hello my name is Charlie. I am learning BSL to me more inclusive when I meet people, and to sign to a Deaf dustbin driver at my work. I am interested in video games and Chess, and enjoy learning a lot, so I decided to learn a language that I've always been interested in. I am looking forward to hearing from the community, and finding out whether there is a Deaf community in South London.  Thank you all!
    • I am learning BSL to teach my daughter. We initially started introducing baby sign language, but then switched to BSL as it seemed more productive to teach her an actual second language instead of a made up one.
    • Hi all. My name is Sophie, I live in Merseyside and I am a secondary school science teacher. My interests include arts and crafts (including crochet, painting, macrame, cross stitch and sewing), sailing, snowboarding, hiking and cooking. I am learning BSL to teach my daughter.  
    • One of my jobs is an education support worker for university students affected by various disabilities. Supporting a hearing impaired student was actually what pushed me to start learning BSL. I was so impressed watching her interpreters. Another job of mine, before lockdown, was a theatre usher. I really miss it, especially working behind the bar. What is the sign for that as well? Thanks!!
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