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I have just signed up to learn BSL, I am currently on maternity leave as a nursery practitioner and have always wanted to learn sign language to help further my career so thought what better time to learn than now :) I hope your all well xx

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    • I have just signed up to Introduction to BSL via the BSL website, although I know there are several courses available. I would be happy to practice with you. I will understand though, if you want me to catch up with you a little. I have not started yet.
    • Hi Molly, Which course have you just signed up to?
    • Hi Damian, I'm near Cambridge, but I am a total newbie (only just signed up to the course; so I won't be offended if you need someone with a bit more experience to practice with.
    • Hi, my name is Niamh (Neve) and I'm 20 years old student. I taught myself sign language when I was 8 however, I forgot it over time and given the current situation like a lot of people I thought I would learn in again. I would love if anyone would like to practice with me and kinda cheer each other on to complete everything :) let me know!!! 
    • I am learning BSL in a hope to learn a new skill, and the idea that it can support my career when I become a teacher. I am interested in working with children with special needs so i'm sure it will be beneficial. 
    • Hello, my name is Florence and I am a 22 year old student and training to be a primary school teacher.  I am trying to learn new skill, and think that BSL could support me throughout my career if I can learn it. I am trying my best at the beginners course. What are the most beneficial ways in which people practice? Would love to know! Thanks :-) 
    • Hello Day 3 of learning and just finished the 3rd assessment.  I tried following the sign language during the Coronavirus press conferences and I was clueless 🤣 !!  I hope it gets easier?                          
    • Hey Scott! Would love to practice and hear where you're at! 
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