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Hi everyone, I have just completed the online level one course of BSL. Before this I knew a few signs but not many. I am hoping to try find people to practice with, as it still confuses me how to put sentences together properly, but I am guessing that comes with practice. Please say hi, if this is new to you too and you would like someone to practice with. 

I am a support worker currently, I thought it would be good to learn in this line of work, but also because It is a language I have always wanted to learn. 

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I am in a similar position to you. I have been a support worker in the past and currently working on becoming an SEND teacher (graduating in July fingers crossed with all this craziness going on). I also have picked up basic signs from my work beforehand, but enjoying learning it in a slightly more formal way.

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Oh that is great, fingers crossed for you too, I am hopefully graduating my health science access course in June/ July also, and then hopefully on to study Physiotherapy in September. 

Yeah I have really enjoyed the course, I just need to keep practicing now, I am trying to go round signing as I talk around the house to my partner ha ha. 

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