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Introducing myself

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Hi everyone 

I’m Ela I started this BSL course about 3 weeks ago.

I am at home for 12 weeks so wanted to learn something new, have always been interested in learning sign language so thought it would be good to do now.

It seems to be taking me a while to remember the signs, but getting there slowly with plenty of practise.

I live in Hertfordshire and work in finance.

I have been enjoying spending time with the family, decorating and running whilst in lockdown.


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Hi Ela,


I'm Rachel I also started the BSL introduction course during lockdown.  I'm deaf in one ear and like you I've always been interested in sign language so now seemed like a great time to start.


I'm really enjoying learning the signs, but also struggle to remember them.


Good luck in your course and stay safe.



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Hi Rachel

Thanks for your reply, nice to hear from you.

 I haven’t learnt anything new for years and feel like I’m going over and over the signs before they go in, but I’m getting there slowly. I’ve got another 4 weeks at home so no real rush. Glad I’m not the only one struggling to remember them.

 I have tried learning a big session in one go, but completely forget them all when I get to the end, so decided that the best way for me is to do a small amount more often, then only moving on to new ones once I have remembered them. I also write the words down so I can pick up my notes and look at them more often. I also go back to the start each time to keep going over everything repeatedly.

I’m pleased with what I have learnt so far and really like the format and style of the BSL course learning with ‘Liam’.

Good luck with your progress 



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