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Introducing myself!

Maisy Drew

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It's so good to have the opportunity to be in contact with people who might have similar interests! 

I'm outdoorsy, I enjoy climbing, mountaineering and surfing! My passions include Painting, drawing crafts - mostly using natural materials if I can! Forest School and Bushcraft. 

The beginning of my interest in learning sign language  started when I worked in a nursery setting. I was there for a year and during this time we had a number of children attending who had extra learning needs. In order to make communication easier for them and increase their learning opportunities we were encouraged to learn key words in sign language. I was learning by watching Mr Tumble on youtube at this point in time. 

A year ago I moved to Cumbria, my Qualification is in Forest School and Outdoor Education, and I struggled to get more work in this line so I currently work in Hospitality. Whilst working at the hotel we have had a couple of guests stay with us, both of whom were deaf. One of the couple could lip read, the other could only communicate through signing which meant that my communication with him was very limited.

I considered how much of an effect this probably had on his holiday and how much of a positive difference it would make to other people once I'm back in Forest School and education work.

Loving the course so far, I'm learning so much and feeling really excited about the possibilities but still feeling apprehensive about using it in real life!

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