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My name's Rebecca, I'm 27 years old and I am hearing. I usually work as an optical assistant but am currently not working due to the pandemic. I wanted to use this free time to do something worthwhile, I studied languages at university and wanted to learn something new, so I decided upon BSL, as it would be a different kind of challenge as I primarily learn by writing things down to remember them, so have had to adapt to learning a more physically involved language. I have previously worked teaching English and had to find different ways to put across ideas without just using words. I have also  met patients at work who use sign language and communicated with them with an interpreter while doing optical tests and dispensing glasses. I also met a young boy who was non verbal and used a small amount of signs at school and at home, he taught me the sign for Gruffalo as he was getting Gruffalo glasses, it was a lovely moment to share that with him. I would have loved to be more involved in these experiences, and I am hoping learning BSL will open up different ways of communicating with others. Thanks for reading! 


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    • Good morning, I’ve been with my partner for almost 2 years and their maternal family uses BSL. So far I’ve picked up the the basics, stuck to them and relied on them lip-reading but I’m trying to be more proactive and learn BSL kind of “meet them halfway.” I’d like to be able to engage in deeper conversations with them but am just learning to sign now. Any advice please?
    • Hi, my name’s Taz. I’m 25 and live in London. I’m just learning how to introduce myself in BSL now and love learning about the community also. How about you guys?
    • Hello! My name is Kathryn and I have far too many hobbies to list. I work in tourism and as a carer (and also sometimes at my local bookshop). I've had an interest in learning BSL for a long time but decided to commit to it as part of my Queen's Guide Award which is the highest award you can achieve in GirlGuiding, essentially the same as the King's Scout Award if you're involved in Scouting.