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    • Hi everyone! I have been wanting to learn BSL for years and years now and finally found a good online course where I can learn it! I'm still in school but hope to go to university next year to study to be a Paramedic so, I thought it would be a great skill to have so that I am able to communicate with everyone whenever needed. I only started yesterday but I have learnt the alphabet and I am now going to start the course. Do yous have any tips for starting off? 😀
    • I've been doing the course for a few weeks now and really enjoying it!! I've always had an interest in sign language and wanted to learn for so long, but now I'm currently writing my dissertation on deaf theatre and of course a lot of that constitutes looking into sign - so I thought it would be a rewarding, and useful experience for me as an actor to learn sign and understand it more.
    • I am a Specialist teaching Assistant for CYP with Visual Impairment and crossing over to Hearing Impairment. Previously I worked in a SEN school and used Makaton sign, as I have been in my new role I thought it would be good for me to learn BSL and my team suggested the online course, which I am enjoying.
    • I'm a student teacher and recently took part in a BSL workshop hosted by some of my peers who had experience with signing. I really enjoyed the workshop and was keen to learn more so I decided to take the BSL Course. I'm really enjoying it so far and I'm surprised as to how quickly I am learning. I can see the benefits of using BSL in my future classroom to make learning more inclusive and interactive as well as for my own personal interest.
    • Hello. My name is Lisa and I’ve always wanted to learn sign language. 
    • I've decided to start learning sign language as I feel it's a great skill to have in life. So far I'm loving it!
    • A close family member of mine lost his hearing towards the end of his life, and he found it incredibly difficult and isolating. He struggled to learn BSL, but he (and I!) were always so grateful when people made sure things like films, speeches etc. were made more accessible for him. Working in customer service reminded me of how important accessibility is, and I am really excited to learn to sign!
    • I'm just starting out learning sign language, I learned how to finger spell at school but never got beyond that! I'm really keen to learn more and improve over lockdown.
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