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    • One of my jobs is an education support worker for university students affected by various disabilities. Supporting a hearing impaired student was actually what pushed me to start learning BSL. I was so impressed watching her interpreters. Another job of mine, before lockdown, was a theatre usher. I really miss it, especially working behind the bar. What is the sign for that as well? Thanks!!
    • that's great, thanks so much Lola!!  
    • I am creating some online videos for my school to give BSL signs for their topics.  I want to start with a sentence saying (for example dinosaurs) "We are learning about dinosaurs".  Do I sign that as "Learning, Us, Dinosaurs"?  Thank you!
    • Hi Douglas, I'm also running a BSL super beginners group in the UK. It is really hard to find a learning community here right now, and I was wondering if you're still hosting your sign language group? Is it a British Sign Language group you run? Just asking because I'm keen to learn other sign languages especially ASL as I'm American, as well. I'm a beginner studying Level 1 at the moment, but If you're still running your group, or interested in joining a British sign language group, please respond and I can send you some details.
    • Hello, I'm taking an online Level 1 and 2 BSL course and I can't identify some of the signs the used in the video lessons. They also don't list all the signs they used in the videos and it is nearly impossible to figure out the signs from context. I have been using a few websites online that offer vocabulary searches, but they often don't have what I'm looking for. I am also hosting a BSL chat and study group for my colleagues, and I put together lesson supplements to help them, but am often unable to find the signs I need online to post on the lesson supplements (since it takes me ages sometimes to figure out what some of the signs are, or am unable to find a particular variant). Are there any online resources that have a more comprehensive list of signs I can look through like a visual dictionary? Here are the sign search websites I'm using:  https://www.spreadthesign.com/en.gb/search/  https://www.signbsl.com/ https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/ https://www.britishsignlanguage.com/ Or if anyone is able to chat with me via Zoom to help me figure out some of the signs I'm struggling with, please let me know and I'd be happy to host a Zoom session. Any advice welcome!! Thank you so much, Gabi  
    • Hi all, My name is Alice, I was born in Brazil, but moved to the UK two years ago. I wasn't going to stay for long, but I ended up meeting my partner so now I'm stablishing myself professionally here. I already wanted to learn sign language for a while, was starting to look for the Brazilian system called Libras since I believe it to be important to be able to communicate with both speakers and signers equally for we are all part of the same society, also I believe it can open new doors for my professional development as the psychologist in construction that I am so, since I decided to stay in the country, I thought that, if I was going to learn a sign language, it would be better if it was the country of my residence and now and enjoying this time that the pandemic have been giving me for my development and hopefully, in the future, I'll learn libras and be able to sign in two different countries. Hope to be able to practice to learn a lot and thank you for this community!
    • Hello My name is Victoria, hope everyone is doing ok. I am a beautican and launching my own business this year, hopefully. Communication is key to understanding what my clients are wanting. But most importantly, I need to understand during any treatment whether my clients are in any discomfort or wanting something different. Therefore, I do feel it is important for me to learn sign language
    • I used to waitress in a restaurant in which a woman would eat every weekend, the only method of communication available with her was for her to write down her order. I always wanted to learn BSL so I could talk with her, she always came in alone.
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