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Introducing myself :)

Kirsty Irvine

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Hello everyone:) 


I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I recently decided to do the online course in BSL as its always something I have wanted to learn. I currently work in a nursery with 3-5, and I think its really important to know sign as we never know who could be joining our class. I also help with a local Autistic Charity where, once covid allows us too, I am hoping to be attending and helping the parents support groups, so I think its really important to be able to interact with the children.  I would also like to be able to teach my daughter (4) some sign. Hopefully they will be able to teach it in schools soon, as i think its a life skill and I am really looking forward to be able to put what I have learnt into practice at a time it. 


Keep safe 

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