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I'm new to BSL

Rhona reeves

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Hi, my name is Rhona. I've just started to learn the Introduction to sign language. I've been interested in sign language for many years.. I am a customer adviser and on the occasion we have deaf customers come into the store, and I felt un helpful. So I decided to do this course to help them when they need it. I'm really enjoying the learning curve and hopefully go further with this.. 

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Good evening my name is jacqueline and like everyone else I have wanted to learn sign languages for many many years and now I have started. As a nurse and now a health coach it will be helpful and  it is a fun course to do.

I am very slow and would love to practice with people too in time and will hope to do face to face courses.

Thank  you BSL for the introduction that I am just commencing slowly with a module a week to digest the signs properly.

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