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Hi everyone

Im Alan, Ive been trying to get started on BSL for a while now. What i really need is people to practice with. Im wondering if there are people on this course who would like to start some kind of Zoom or other platform sessions up for us all to practice with each other on. This lockdown jazz does nothing for the simple ability of human interaction on a face to face level, which as we know is obviously a large factor of learning a language that requires a visual aspect.

Im with you if your'e nervous about doing any of this in front of other people, but i think if im going to actually learn properly its going to have to happen.

I have done the level one course in various places or forms 3 times now and each time i let it slip to the curb because i find it difficult to find people to practice with. Now im not socially shy or lazy but we all get a little apprehensive about putting ourselves out in front of others.

Id like to try and find a few people, the more merrier obviously, and get this learning jazz going. 

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