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Hey there, hope everyone’s safe and well! My name is Matt, I’m 26, identify as male, and am based in Birmingham (travel quite a lot for work, or should i say, did...) I’m a Masters graduate working in contemporary theatre, primarily as a director but also freelance as a writer/director/performer. I also work in a field of statistical mathematics that is just painfully boring to explain so I wont inflict that upon anyone. I want to learn sign BSL, hopefully fluently , for myself and also community benefit, BSL is something in my opinion that should be mandatory in the UK education system, not just for its immediate benefits, but also as it promotes a positive mental attitude to breaking down barriers certain member of our society may face and reduces segregation. I also think it would be amazing to maybe create an art piece(s) with sign users, but maybe I’m thinking way too far ahead too early?

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    • I’m kelly I’m a mechanic/ mot tester, I had a Deaf customer in the garage a year or so ago and found it frustrating that I could not understand him or communicate back. So I have taken this course to improve my understanding x
    • Hi, My Names Victoria and im currently doing the online introduction to sign language course. My husbands cousin is Deaf and despite the fact i have picked up on a lot of signs and able to communicate, i really wanted to try and learn properly alongside a qualification. I am also looking into possibly becoming a midwife and would love to be able to use this within a healthcare field.  Thanks for reading x
    • Hi there! My name is Sarah and I have just moved back to the UK after 25 years living in the USA. I am a behaviour specialist and I frequently work with children with autism who have speech and language difficulties. I learned American Sign Language while in the USA to help communicate with the children I work with, and my daughter bought me the BSL course when I knew I was coming home. It's so interesting to compare the two and once I have completed this course, I'd love to sign up for a Makaton class as well! Lockdown is the perfect time to learn new things while job hunting!
    • Hello my name is Hannah and im 22 years old and I wear hearing aids since I was a baby. I have wanted to learn BSL for ages what sort of jobs can I get from sign language. 
    • My BSL Story (any questions, comments on signing, or want to share your BSL/Lockdown story please do)  
    • For all the people that were here with me first lock down, that doesn't quite know how to cope with the new one Title Miss Restless  
    • I’ve found this link how accurate it is I don’t know    https://www.spreadthesign.com/en.gb/word/10912/paramedic/
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