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Hello Another Newbie Here!

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Hello everyone, I am new to BSL and finding it quite exciting to learn. I am an ESL teacher and wanted to branch out further. In my ESL I use something called TPR Total Physical Response which is in ways similar to SL in general as it is simplified physical gestures that assist a non-English language speaker to understand what you are saying to them simply by using gestures.  I am finding quite a lot of similarity which makes complete sense to me. The gesture are universal in meaning. 

I am learning BSL as I plan to relocate to Lerwick, Shetland in a few years. I am originally from Canada but have dual UK citizenship and would like to get into working with children when I move.  I teach Drama and theatre to kids and spent a number of years in the Montessori school system as an after school teacher. Not quite the same as a full time teacher but still teaching. 


Does anyone have any helpful tips for working on BSL? I have been watching as much as I can online but living in Canada we use ASL here so there are some differences. 


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