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Hey! I'm Stacy, I'm 25. I'm currently at the end of my degree and graduating later this year, I'll be moving on to a career in teaching. I feel like it's incredibly important for everyone in the classroom to feel at ease with the delivery of lessons so I think it would be beneficial to adapt my teaching methods to be as inclusive as possible - this included learning to sign in my opinion. It's something I've always tried to pick up little bits of previously but finally I want to dedicate some time to learning properly!

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Hi Stacy, 


tomorrow there is a signed lecture and it will be put on youtube as well

there are still places



IOP West Midlands Branch invites London and the South East region to their Prestige Talk given by

Professor Helen Gleeson, OBE.
A Bit of a Stretch - Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Tuesday 16 March 2021 7:30-9pm

There will be a British Sign Language interpreter at this event.

This talk will introduce what these special rubbers - liquid crystal elastomers - are and how they spontaneously change shape, can lift thousands of times their own weight, and how they can even get thicker when stretched, rather than thinner.



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    • Hello all, hope you're doing well!  I've always wanted to learn sign language, not just because I love learning new languages and as a visual / kinaesthetic learner I find the process of learning signs very enjoyable, but also because I want to be able to ensure that I can communicate with people who don't wish to / cannot speak with their voice. Everyone has a right to feel comfortable in conversation, and to be able to communicate with anyone they wish to, so I hope to contribute towards making that a reality. Hopes for the future aside, I am 16 (nearly 17) years old, and a student.  Wishing you all luck on your signing journeys!    
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