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Hi all,

I have chosen to pick up sign language for personal benefits as well as work benefits. As a child I suffered a perforated eardrum due to ENT issues and constant infections. As an adult I still suffer and now my left ear drum has almost completely gone and I am almost death on one side. As a mother to 4 I have always had a huge passion for my children to learn sign and took them to sign and singing classes. Two of my children have struggled with hearing and sign has been a blessing for them to communicate with less frustration. As a childcare practitioner teaching a child sign before they can speak is really helpful for communication skills and developing strong speech. I feel passionate about sharing BSL most people have an interest in learning sign and yet it's not often seen around where I live particularly. I work with young people and children with SEN and I hope knowing more sign will help me to communicate better and extend my sign ability with others who use sign to communicate.

Thank you for reading,


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