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Hey, I'm Sam! ​👋​


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Good afternoon everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to the forum! 

My name is Sam, I'm a guy in his 20s from the Midlands, I'm learning BSL as I partially lost my hearing at a young age and learned to lip read, but not BSL. 

In recent months I realised just how profound of an effect that experience had on me and it was quite isolating at the time. I can't possibly imagine how jarring that experience must be for young people (and adults) who lose their hearing more so than I did and must rely on BSL to communicate! 

I'd like to volunteer and work with young deaf people in the future and pass on some of the skills I've learned working in the media to them, as those sort of equal opportunities can be scarce. I'm only just beginning my BSL journey but I'd love to get to know some likeminded people learning like me.

I'd love to join people on any Zoom socials / WhatsApp groups etc. to help me get to grips with BSL going forward! :) 

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