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Hi my name is Carolyn .I teach Pre School children between the ages of 3-5yrs.As part of that role i have been introducing basic signs i.e. hello ,good morning  etc. I decided i might benefit from this course and pass on anything i learn to the children. I am just at the start so hoping if i show my colleagues daily it will help me retain and use what i learn .I'm not ready to video or join in fingerspelling just yet but hope to in the future.


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Hi my names Roy 66yrs old profoundly deaf due to industrial accident . Learnt to lipreading which has been useless during lockdown. I have decided to learn BSL for 2 reasons 1. So I can at least have some human contact should another lock down happen.  2. It's nice to learn a new skill 

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Hi my name is Simi. I am an administrator for older adults mental health. I have decided to learn BSL because I generally just love learning new skills and keeping busy. I'm also hoping that it may benefit me within my role with clients / carers. 

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    • Have always been interested in communicating with others.  Haven't been using sign language in my day to day encounters for many years since completing level 2 qualification.  I would like to take it up again.
    • Ready to dive deeper into BSL?   Our Level 2 class starts in June! Choose your day: Mondays or Thursdays.   Book your spot now: www.remark.uk.com/bsl-level-2   #BSL #BritishSignLanguage #BSLLevel2 
    • Embark on a journey of deeper communication and cultural immersion with our BSL   Level 3 course starting this June with Shahnaz. This course will refine your BSL skills and enrich your understanding of Deaf culture.    Secure your spot now and continue your BSL journey with us! Visit our website for more information: www.remark.uk.com/bsl-courses/thurs-afternoon-level-3  
    • Wondering about other people's motivation. I am passionate about learning new languages and this has always caught my attention. Love it!
    • Hello, are you still looking for a school for your child? I advise christian school https://fceagles.org/ , provide a nurturing environment where academic excellence and spiritual growth go hand in hand. These institutions integrate a biblical worldview into their curriculum, offering students a well-rounded education that fosters intellectual, moral, and spiritual development. Students engage in rigorous academic studies while participating in daily Bible lessons, chapel services, and community
    • Thank you so much! that is amazing what you're doing!  wish you the best of luck in your journey!!
    • Hi  I’m currently working in a primary school in Wales. There has been suggestions that I might be working with a 6 year old with a cochlear implant from September. Im here to improve my BSL to help them achieve the best they can 
    • That's great!  I'm taking level 2 ISL(Irish) right now.  Got a book of Bible Stories in English and Braille I'm working through too. I wish you the best of luck!
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