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I am loving learning a new language and it might actually help someone one day! I am learning for work  mostly but I have also got my youngest learning too and its just amazing! Hearing loss runs in my family so I expect to lose my hearing in the future -I have always had issues with my ears and hearing and I know I lose hearing when I take off my glasses (Yes my Kids find it so funny when I say  "pass my glasses I need to hear you!")

I am JUST 41 but forever 21 in my mind! I have found that I rely on watching peoples faces and with mask wearing I have found this so hard. I can not imagine how awful its been for people who do rely upon lip reading. I would love to get to know other people who are learning and maybe do some video calls so we can practice!  I have 3 girls living with me at home 17 , 12 & 7 and an older step son who is 22. My parents live with me too and my Dad has lost most hearing now and is also deaf to my Mum's tone of voice (so he says) so its always fun having a conversation over dinner! I am quiet a shy person but I also soon come out of my shell when I get to know people, I have worked in Health and Social Care for 25 years and I really do hope to get to know others and share our skills and have some laughs too!




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    • I feel a little disheartened today. I've always wanted to learn BSL and just started this week finally. I'm really struggling at the first hurdle. I had memorised the whole alphabet pretty seamlessly within an hour, and I just confuse the vowels which I've heard is pretty normal. After a few days of practising the alphabet I had¬†moved on to a test portion of my course which spells out names you have to try to understand.¬† I have an issue processing numbers, I cant remember them or relate them together well at all. And I also have an issue visualising the spelling of words in my head. I cannot spell out loud from memory (even with practice) I can feel the shape of the words leave my fingers as I type or write, I dont see them in my mind at all. I am not able to hear someone say P-E-N-C-I and know that L comes next unless I'm used to hearing that word being spelled out and its said in the exact same way (like in a cheer or a rap lyric for example. If I heard it spelled out every single day it might start to stick but it was have to have the same intonation). I will have forgotten how the word started by the time I got to the C in pencil, as I've not visualised the PEN as a thing yet, it was a jumble of a few letters that didnt form an image.¬† If I lip read the name I feel like I'm cheating, but I'm so used to half lip reading all the time that its hard for me to turn that off and concentrate on how to put those nonsense letters you just spelled out in a coherent order and then voice it in my mind to create the right word.¬† In my course I got completely stumped at one of the first examples on the test. The name he was spelling out was NOAH. I saw N, I saw O, then A and I just kept thinking the only name I can think of that starts NO is Norah, and there was no R next. A came next. I was wracking my brain trying to see a word that worked but all I could hear in my mind was Norah - nope doesnt work, Norah - nope I said already it doesnt work. When he ended with H I was like what on earth are you spelling dude?? what the hell name ends with AH -ohh its Noah. damn it. Every single name he spelled just threw me unless I could get it from how he mouthed the name. I'm a bit disheartened that I will be properly set back by this.¬†
    • Hi¬† ¬† my name is sadia
    • That is¬† a great reason for learning to sign I think, I worked in retail for years and always meant to learn for the same reason but was so busy already learning other languages. I remember getting my phone to communicate with a Spanish lady as my Spanish was non-existent at the time, and I wouldve done the same to communciate with a deaf person. But if I could, I'd learn every language so that I could communicate with everyone. This is such a large community of people to just not be able to talk to.¬†
    • FEW SPACS LEFT on Tuesday 28th September taster class, 6pm - 8pm. Every month, at our Training centre in London, we offer free BSL classes for beginners of the language. The concept behind these popular sessions is to 'try before you buy'. We know paying for a course is a big commitment, so why not come along to a free class and see if BSL is for you or not. The session will also includes information on upcoming BSL Level 1 courses, should you want to start your journey into learning BSL straightaway. You'll also get ¬£50 off, if you sign up on the night! What are you waiting for? Join us at one of our upcoming intro sessions. Contact¬†[email protected]¬†or call¬†0207 269 2621¬†to book your place.
    • Hello, ¬† Yes, you can, what happens is when you sign up for Level 2 courses without holding a BSL Level 1 qualification, one of our BSL tutors will have to assess your signing skills before accepting you onto the course. For more information please feel free to have a look at¬†our website:¬†https://remark.uk.com/bsl-level-2/ or contact the training team on¬†0207 269 2620¬†/ [email protected]¬† Kind regards, Remark!
    • Hi, I decided to learn sign language as I work in retail and am shamed to say no one can communicate with our deaf customers, they either have to come in with an intereprter or have everything written down. So rather than ignore this and leaving it to someone else I have decided to do something, so here I am and glad I've joined however I am still a little shy and nervous of actually taking the first step to talk to our customers.¬†
    • I've always been deaf because of Barakat's Syndrome, but my hearing is already severely impaired in both ears, and it is still deteriorating.¬† At the end of the day, I'm going to have to learn sign language to communicate to people, so I thought why not do it when i am still able to hear.
    • Hi. My reasoning behind wanting to learn is I work with children under 5, I am a Senco and believe that as humans we are social creatures that¬†need communication to thrive and essential¬†apart of being apart of a¬†community.¬† I personally dislike baby sign, as it is often badly executed and would prefer BSL giving a¬†second language given from the beginning. This would give¬†all children a skill to except others for who they are and how they communicate, rather than seeing deaf or non verbal people as an oddity.
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