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I am loving learning a new language and it might actually help someone one day! I am learning for work  mostly but I have also got my youngest learning too and its just amazing! Hearing loss runs in my family so I expect to lose my hearing in the future -I have always had issues with my ears and hearing and I know I lose hearing when I take off my glasses (Yes my Kids find it so funny when I say  "pass my glasses I need to hear you!")

I am JUST 41 but forever 21 in my mind! I have found that I rely on watching peoples faces and with mask wearing I have found this so hard. I can not imagine how awful its been for people who do rely upon lip reading. I would love to get to know other people who are learning and maybe do some video calls so we can practice!  I have 3 girls living with me at home 17 , 12 & 7 and an older step son who is 22. My parents live with me too and my Dad has lost most hearing now and is also deaf to my Mum's tone of voice (so he says) so its always fun having a conversation over dinner! I am quiet a shy person but I also soon come out of my shell when I get to know people, I have worked in Health and Social Care for 25 years and I really do hope to get to know others and share our skills and have some laughs too!




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    • hi my name is Sue. I've been inspired by Lisa on strictly come dancing to sign up and learn BSL. I'm a childminder and school kitchen assistant. This will be so helpful in both my part-time jobs. I was really chuffed to score 8 on my first fingerspelling game. Well may it continue.¬†
    • Interested to check this out not tried song signing. Strangely though, I find I'm picking it up really quickly, I'm guessing because it's so visual. Good luck with the course¬†
    • Hello my name is Neil and I am learning BSL as I am recently losing my hearing. I have decided due to the decline of my hearing that it is worth preparing for it going completely also teaching my children as I progress. I have just started my level 1 today.¬†
    • My name is Sabina and I have been learning to sign for just under a year. I've always been interested in sign language as I've always thought its such a unique, beautiful way to communicate between people. I would currently say that my signing level is probably around mid level 1. Its been a bit hard to improve my signing skills as I can't drive and my closest learning centre can't be accessed without a car. However, I would love to improve my signing skills and would love to practice with peopl
    • Hi, my name's Kelly, and I completed BSL Level 1 before Christmas and am now partway through Level 2. I first learnt some sign language about 20 years ago (BSL Level 1 at evening classes at college), but then life got in the way so it's taken me a while to start again! I love how expressive BSL is, and am hoping to use it for a job in the future. The problem I have at the minute is that I'm learning online, because my nearest centre to learn in person is 40 miles away, so I have an online t
    • Hi my name is Chelsea and I am a teaching assistant at a secondary school. I have started the introduction to BSL with some students at the end of the day due to our interest in learning to BSL
    • I have just signed up to an online course to learn BSL, I was inspired by Rose on Strictly Come Dancing and feel it would be great to communicate with people who have difficulty in hearing.
    • HI, my name is Nikki and I have started to learn sign language for both to help in my Job but also personal life. I have grandchildren that have learning difficulties and are starting to learn sign language. For my Profession I work in the NHS as a Radiology Department assistant in cross sectional imaging, which is CT and MRI.¬† I have always wanted to learn but now it will come in handy especially at the moment with having to wear masks all the time while in the hospital, I am hoping t
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