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I'm Jamie and beginning my BSL journey to support my son who is now 2. He was born bi-laterally severe/profoundly deaf and has undergone CI surgery. He was the youngest child in Cornwall at the time to undergo this operation (9 1/2 months) and has been using his implants for around 17 months now. He is doing well and we are happy he has access to sound, however, I feel it is important to support Lowen communicate using sign to help him overcome the frustration he may experience in these early stages of his development. His Mum and I are keen for English to be his first language, but appreciate that there will be times when he needs to 'switch off' and so BSL will be used to support as a backup. As a Primary School teacher I'm also keen to use BSL in my classroom to support other children who may have communication needs and encourage them to be more aware of the differences in people they get to know and interact with as they grow up. Fingers crossed I pick this up more fluently than Spanish! (Pun intended!)

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    • Once upon a time, in the digital age of 2023, I found myself embarking on a journey that I never could have predicted. It all started with a simple yet profound desire to learn British Sign Language (BSL), and this journey unfolded in the most unexpected way, thanks to my young brother. My younger brother, Alex, was born with a natural curiosity and an unparalleled sense of wonder. He had always been fascinated by different cultures, languages, and ways of communication. One day, while we w
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    • Hi there I've been wanting to learn sign language for years, but just found you can do it online so very excited to learn! I don't think it's going to be easy though! If there's anyone on here from Belfast that wants to have a coffee and practice in person, give me a shout! Liz
    • Hi everyone New to BSL. want to do level 1 but missed the sign up so waiting for next round of admissions. Doing the BLS intro stuff online at the moment to learn basics.  Here to meet people, get to know folks and learn  Nice to meet you all
    • Hi! I’m Emily, I was a CoDa (child of deaf adult) between ages of 5 and 12 as we used BSL at home to communicate with my stepdad who was deaf.    I recently watched a show with a deaf actress in who used ASL and it reminded me that I know quite a lot of basic BSL but I want to brush up on my skills so I can effectively communicate with any BSL users I come across! It’s also a fun hobby ☺️