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Hi everyone,

I have previous mixed signing experience. As a teenager in ASL , in my early twenties taking couple of Makaton modules after expatriating; but then going for BSL based baby, toddler and preschool signing classes with my older children, when they were small. It gave me a great starting point and helped massively when one of my girls had severe glue ear from birth, but we sadly did not continue as her hearing and speech improved. Now, I have a three year old with down syndrome who just blows everyone away with how well he’s taken to BSL, as opposed to Makaton. I would like to better support him as it is his dominant method of communication, so I’m having to learn more to help him along as he grow. I do my best to sign and speak throughout each day and do look signs up if I’m unsure of them, but I’m very aware I will need to become better acquainted with grammar, and gain a wider scope of communication in order to continue using it throughout our day to day.

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