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My name is Hannah, and I'm a creative, disabled, single, white 30 year old woman still living with mum and dad in Nottingham.

I was born partially deaf but nobody realised until after I started school, where I've been a hearing aid user in one ear ever since. Although I've had my fair share of operations, my deafness was not considered severe enough to be taught BSL. Although I know there are plenty of people out there with similar hearing loss/lived experiences, I've always been the only one among my peers who was/is in anyway deaf and it's soooooo isolating. I would love to finally be an active part of a deaf community but obviously I need to be proficient in BSL in order to participate fully.

CDL is short for Creative DEAFtly Living and I hope to someday create a a blog/resource/social group to support others who identify as creative, deaf or disabled, particularly those who are in their 20s and 30s as I can't seem to find any charity or social support in place for this specific age group.

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