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Greetings, pursued by a bear


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Hi, I’m Artio.

I learned finger spelling when I was very little.

I love languages - I enjoy learning foreign languages, computer coding, and I’ve been wanting to learn BSL for a long time but struggled to find and pay for resources.

I work full time as a data analyst. I study part time towards a Natural Sciences degree with an emphasis on Biology and Chemistry.

I’m autistic and have ADHD. 
I’d love to be able to talk without using sound. Speaking out loud feels like a lot more effort than using gestures. 

I’ve always felt uncomfortable around other people and I imagine it would be uncomfortable to be around people who don’t know BSL if that’s your main language. I’d like to be able to offer that so others may feel less alone. I often learn a little of a colleague’s language if their first language isn’t English. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do but I feel it’s something I can do to try and make someone feel welcome, less alone, and less different - especially in work or school environments. 
‘I’ve felt alone for a long time and I don’t want others to experience that quite so acutely.

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