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Roller Skater coach learning SSE/BSL


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Hello, Hello~ 

I've been dabbling in BSL since this time last year (no notable improvements- my own fault haha), but I've taken it back up again! 
This time I've added another motivation to the mix. 
Before it was simply because I enjoy learning languages and want to do better in terms of every-day accessibility. I still strongly believe that BSL and/or SSE should be taught in schools just how we are taught Foreign languages... 
Anyway! I've side tracked! 
In the year since joining, I've actually become a roller skate coach, teaching people in London, there are some qualified BSL skate coaches as well as deaf skaters who use BSL, so what I want is to just casually use it and get hearing people out of their bubble and more used to seeing signs.  
Plus, if we're to use "made up signs" anyway, might as well use real British Signs. 

{In skating, especially in a rink when the music is loud, us marshals use whistles and signs to signal each other and the guests, so makes sense to use SSE or BSL.


So if anyone knows of a London Roller Skater who is deaf or signs, or has any recommendations for me, the channels open ^^

Okay, I'll stop waffling now haha parrot roller skating GIF

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