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Absolute beginner in BSL

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I'm Chloe and I decided earlier this month that I want to learn British Sign Language. I have a few reasons to learn, such as making new friends, putting BSL on my CV, and picking it up as a new hobby.

In late September, I am planning to take part in a 10 week BSL introduction course. I would choose the cheaper options online but I find that I can learn quicker with a IRL teacher rather than just watching videos online.

Please feel free to chat with me, especially if you are also a beginner, or have some helpful tips!


Thank you x

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i am subhashini. i have been toying with the idea of leaning sign language for sometime. and this summer i have taken my first step. joined level 1 course that is starting in a week's time. i have been picking up some signs through this site and also got a book from library to learn frequently used words sign.

very delighted to see this thriving community. any help/ tips is hugely appreciated.



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    • Hello Lauren - your login details were emailed to you when you enrolled on the course - sorry if they didn't arrive. If you haven't received them please can you email [email protected] for assistance.
    • Hi everyone. I'm a total novice here. Just paid for the beginners course, but I have no idea how to get on to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    • Hi  I completed a BSL Level 1 a few years ago and am very rusty but would like to do a Level 2 but thought I could use this as a good way of refreshing my skills (if there are any left!).  Would be happy to practice conversations either FaceTime or Skype??   Lesley
    • I am also very antisocial haha! Hope you are finding the learning ok   
    • I am also a newbie but not in your area! How are you finding it? 
    • Hello, everyone! I'm Rada.
      I finished the BSL online course quite long ago, but I'm still looking for someone to practice with. I need to expand my vocabulary and learn how to have an actual conversation, so if anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance, Rada
    • Hiya! Complete newbie here; I've only been learning within the past week or so.  Learning BSL has always been something I've wanted to do, but never made the time for🙄 I've been lucky enough have a friend who has been helping me via FaceTime, although our schedules never seem to match up very well. I've got a dictionary book on order via his recommendation, and watching youtube videos. I had a quick look on the calendar section and noticed that there are a few classes held in different locations... is anyone on this forum from Cambridgeshire area? Looking for someone who would be able to help me out in person with tutoring ☺️   E x
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