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Beccy Will

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I'm a second language English teacher in Liverpool. 

I have a Polish hearing-impaired learner in my class, who I would like to introduce to BSL, but I know nothing of it myself.

I'm going to start her off with the alphabet , if anyone could offer any suggestions for further resources, they'd be very welcome. 

I'm also wondering if there's any BSL social groups in the Liverpool that I might be able to put her onto?

Thanks in advance :-)

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Hi Beccy

I'm new to this too, currently studying BSL Level 1.  I have found an app called Sign BSL - it's like a dictionary of videos.  You type the word you need the sign for and a couple of videos appear giving you the answers.  I imagine it'll be great for conversing with your student.  

You could also try looking at the Signature website.  Give them a ring and they will tell you where you can go to learn in your area.

Hope this helps,


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