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Hey to all, I'm new to the BSL world but as a small child I was used to being around a deaf father so lip reading has for some reason been a thing but now that I'm all big and grown up, at the age of 28-30 I've noticed my hearing is really bad and I have tourettes syndrome and non epileptic fits. I learnt BSL because I can't hear but I use it most of the time to communicate if I feel like I need medical help or I need to get up etc. The fits completly silence me but I'm not the type of person who gets ignored for long....I joke, its been amazing to not feel excluded and lost....I'm not actually British, English is my second language but when I full on start speaking fluent French I see a few jaws drop it's hilarious.


Enough about me I'm excited to learn more and more and the jokes I make with my closes people in BSL is ace too!! 

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I have Tourette's as well! Currently nearly 17 and ive been learning BSL since i was 14 and ive noticed that I've developed a LOT of tics that are sign haha

I started learning because i found it super interesting, but since have used it when i'm semi or non-verbal, when making jokes with my friends and when me and my girlfriend (they also have Tourette's so double chaos) talk because they have limited hearing and its funny when we see  peoples heads turn when we go from pretty much silently signing to having a full blown verbal conversation haha

Hope you have fun in your journey learning!

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    • Hi Sarge. I see a lot of posts here have no replies so I'd like to buck that trend. I hope you enjoy coming to the UK. I'm autistic like most of my family. My little brother is autistic too and has learning difficulties and we used to sign with him. That's probably where we began. We started with Makaton and then desired to learn a proper language, then learnt SSE, and now I'm learning BSL proper. BSL is such a wonderfully expressive language that says more quicker than many English words could.
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