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my BSL journey :)


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hi, im toria and im 20 years old. after quite a while of telling myself i'm going to learn BSL i've finally taken the step and signed up for an online course. i've had an interest in sign language since i was quite young but working in the care sector and being surrounded by Makaton made me realise just how much i wanted to learn to sign and how important it is to know as for some people, it may be their only way of being able to communicate effectively. there's a few reasons i wanted to start learning: general interest in the language, wanting to be able to communicate better/more efficiently with those in the community, will possibly enable me to work with and for the deaf community wether that's volunteering or paid work, and to use it as an aid for myself in situations where i find it hard to talk due to things like overstimulation etc. 

as i get more comfortable with my learning, i will consider a buddy to further help but as of now im just getting used to new information.

thanks for reading, and all the best with your journey too! :)


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    • Good morning, I’ve been with my partner for almost 2 years and their maternal family uses BSL. So far I’ve picked up the the basics, stuck to them and relied on them lip-reading but I’m trying to be more proactive and learn BSL kind of “meet them halfway.” I’d like to be able to engage in deeper conversations with them but am just learning to sign now. Any advice please?
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