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Introducing myself :)

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Hello everyone!

my name is Kate and im in a relationship with a guy called Ben that happens to be profoundly deaf. He communicates verbally well due to being born into a hearing family however im now learning BSL as id love to learn his first language and for in the future for when we have kids as i want them to also know BSL fluently. 

If anyone is learning BSL for similair reasons id love to connect and have a chat :)

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    • Hi everyone New to BSL. want to do level 1 but missed the sign up so waiting for next round of admissions. Doing the BLS intro stuff online at the moment to learn basics.  Here to meet people, get to know folks and learn  Nice to meet you all
    • Hi! I’m Emily, I was a CoDa (child of deaf adult) between ages of 5 and 12 as we used BSL at home to communicate with my stepdad who was deaf.    I recently watched a show with a deaf actress in who used ASL and it reminded me that I know quite a lot of basic BSL but I want to brush up on my skills so I can effectively communicate with any BSL users I come across! It’s also a fun hobby ☺️