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Vicky Purshouse

BSL Sentence Structure

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    • Hello I am learning BSL because I think it would benefit me and my family in the future . I have been classified as deaf with speech. I hear very little without hearing aids. If I get an infection or my aids don't work for one reason or another ( like dropping them in the sink by mistake) I find understanding what's going on quite hard. My family have decided to learn with me as there was no point me learning on my own . We are working our way through the on line BSL course . We found that learn
    • Hi Laurie, i'd be up for another chat next week? Wednesday at 5.30pm? Or Friday anytime in the afternoon?  M
    • Anyone fancy another chat sometime soon?
    • Hi,  my name is Sharon, and I am so excited to be part of this community.  In my job, I work with a collegue who is deaf. I have always wanted to learn signing and this has certainly promted me to put this into action.  I am looking forward to having conversations with my collegue and also learning when I go wrong and any additional help. Good luck everyone
    • BSL is something I have always been interested in learning and I have learned small bits here and there, however I have taken this opportunity during lockdown to do an online course.  I am currently studying Occupational Therapy at university and it is clear how important communication is in healthcare. I think that being able to understand and carry out basic signs will be beneficial to me when working as an OT and I have met numerous people (both on placement and in my personal life) who have
    • I've always wanted to learn BSL, as have always found it fascinating - the ability to communicate without speech! I also am regularly reminded of how easily people can become deaf, and I think learning BSL makes the world more inclusive for those born deaf too. I also work with a society in my uni that provides day trips to young adults with disabilities, and some members struggle to communicate verbally. Therefore, I think learning BSL would help them and me, and I could possibly lead on to Mak
    • Hi, I'm Jade and very new to this course! I'm 20 years old and studying at University of Nottingham. I wanted to learn a new skill over quarantine, and also I'm part of a society at uni that provides day trips for disabled children. I wanted to learn BSL to aid my communication with them, before moving on to Makaton too! I think it would benefit both the members and myself. I also have found this more interesting to learn than spoken languages (that I have also been trying, but struggling with m
    • Hi My name Caroline . i am 55 years old . I am learning sign language while i cannot work . i work in a school so i may be a good thing to learn.
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