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Hi new to BSL wanted to learn for a long timeĀ 

Now I'm not working I have started an online courseĀ 

I'm very slow but enjoying learningšŸ˜€

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    • My first year of secondary school I was in a group that was learning BSL. unfortunately at a kid I was easily distracted by shiny objects and flaked out. I amazed myself by being able to retain the aphaphet all this Time, so I always wanted to get into it and learn properly.Ā  And to be frank to think more people should learn BSL anyway.Ā 
    • Slautations,Ā  As a lot of us have right now is nothing but an abundance of free time, I figure I'd use my time wisely and learn a new skill. I have always wanted to learn sign language as I already knew the alphabet from a kid. Thought I'd expand on somthing I already had started.Ā 
    • If I want to sign these sentences, will I be signing them in a grammatically correct way? I'm going to tell you about a cheap sign lanuage course that you can do online. (cheap-sign language-online-course-me-tell-you) I am a Teacher but I have Asthma so I have a lot of spare time. (Job-me-what-Teacher-I-have-spare time) Thanks for your help!
    • hiya ive started to learn sign language as, being 18, i have a lot of free time since my a levels have been cancelled. i wear hearing aids myself and have always wanted to learn so i can interact with others who are hard of hearing, so i thought now was a good time.
    • Having spent 35 years in NHS dentistry and engaging with the public I decide on retirement last year to reconnect with an interest in BSL started whilst at school . I also met my fabulousĀ nurseĀ whilst on a signing course for dentistry .
    • Hi, i'm Ella (ETC are my initials!) and I just started learning BSL. I've always been meaning to properly learn it, both because some of my family members are HoH and because I think it is a beautiful language! I'm currently at university studying Fine Art. I'm very new to sign language, i've got the fingerspelling BSL alphabet (dominant right hand) memorised but that's it so far, hopefully I can practice and pick it up quite fast with the course though!Ā 
    • Hello! I'm completely new to this and felt like this would be a brilliant time to learn a new skill! My friend recently learned sign language and it is something I've always found interesting!
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