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  1. Howdy

  2. Gamer

    You could probably use ON TABLE GAME AGENT
  3. Hey there. For anyone interested in practicing who has a Glide account and would like to use it with others here, please post them here. I can start a practice group that we can all send messages to each other with. Mine is GAEHIWB. Add me and let me know that you're from this site and I'll add you to a practice group.
  4. Gamer

    I sign VIDEO GAME + AGENT.
  5. Howdy

    Sweet. I'm a queer gaymer boy who's an all around nerd. Welcome.
  6. Hello

    Glide in an app for your phone or tablet. MANY Deaf people use it to video chat. It's a good way to practice.
  7. Rookie

    You can add me on Glide and I'll try to add you when we get space. @GAEHIWB Just make sure that when you add me or you message me that you put that you are from this forum. I get random messages from spam on there sometimes. It helps me differentiate real people from fake.
  8. Rookie

    Yeah. It's an app for your smartphone. You have to have a decent camera. The app should be in whatever phone you uses app download program. It's called Glide. Just download it and it will set up a username or have you create one. Androids seem to force a ridiculous username on you. Download the app and you can find a couple different groups to chat with. Facebook has a few groups for beginner ASL users who want to sign with each other. I'm part of a practice group, though we're closing in on our 50 member max.
  9. Why I am learning ASL

    I kind of took the same languages you did. I took 4 years of French and 4 years of Spanish. Not that I could use it anymore.
  10. Anyone want to practice with me?

    You guys should get on Glide and exchange usernames. That way you don't have to set up times that you are signing together. You can then sign with each other at your convenience.
  11. Hello!

    Hi, NICE MEET YOU. I think we're all here for the same kids of things. I'd be happy to get with you on here or on Glide at some point to practice. Though I'm only at ASL 2. So I don't know what help I'd really be to you. I tend to sign more PSE as well since I'm just not exposed to many deaf people. Well, at least not to the point where I fell comfortable asking someone to help me learn better.
  12. Rookie

    I am mostly here for the same reasons. I am learning through a few classes online, and I'm taking a class this fall at my local community college. So I need people to practice with. I belong to a Glide group that is for practicing. There are few people on there who are learning to become interpreters and there are a few deaf people there as well. Though they don't tend to contribute as much. One guy who seems to help them most is a CODA. Let me know if you want to join the group, I can add you.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm Megan

    Hi Megan. There are chat rooms here for use to practice. Though they're not very well populated. There's also Glide. I know of a few ASL practice chat groups on there. Good luck.
  14. Hello I am Nicole!

    Good luck with learning. There are a few websites that could really help. Lifeprint.com is good. Startasl.com has an actual online curriculum youcan take. ASL Practice is a Facebook group with a Glide group chat that can help you learn. There are a lot of ways to learn.
  15. Betty

    Hi Betty. Where are you local to? What kind of doctor services do you need?