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    Hello from a student

    Brandon, I didn't start college toward my career until I was 25. I didn't start learning ASL until I was 38. Don't feel bad for starting late.
  2. Lysandor

    “Let’s make a DEAL.”

    AGREE is not conceptually accurate. I was thinking maybe TRADE. But that's usually used for physical objects.
  3. Lysandor

    Hello Lets chat ASL!

    Hey there. Welcome. U is still signed palm forward. You spelled your name JAQHELINE.
  4. Lysandor

    how to ask question in ASL

    Technically you can sign either. The more ASL version would be YOUR DOCTOR WHO with eyebrows lowered for the WHO. But you could technically ask WHO YOUR DOCTOR with eyebrows lowered the entire time. But this is usually considered more English. But you will still find Deaf people that do it. It's just not as ASL as the first example.
  5. Lysandor

    how to ask question in ASL

    THIS YEAR SHE BASIC ASL CLASS HAVE *raised eyebrows*
  6. Lysandor

    how to ask question in ASL

    ASL tends to put time first. That way everything after that references the same time period. So you would put your time point first. YEAR PAST HE BASIC ASL CLASS TAKE The sentence would be signed with raised eyebrows. Raised eyebrows are used for Yes/No questions. Lowered eyebrows are used for open ended questions.
  7. Lysandor

    word "job" how to sign

    This is how I sign job. It is called a LEXICALIZED sign. This is a sign that started as fingerspelling and had turned into it's own specific sign. This sign is used for JOB. WORK had is own sign which is also in the video above. Both of the signs you're seeing on the websites are the lexicalized version of job and both are correct.
  8. Lysandor

    What does this sign mean?

    I use that for COUNT. I fingerspell A-C-C-T for ACCOUNT.
  9. Lysandor

    The sign for “Hope”

    I use the first version. The second version looks like it might actually come from hearing people. It's a thing we do when we're hoping for something. Usually accompanied with someone saying something like, "Fingers crossed, I hope I get that job."
  10. As a side note, I've been told multiple times by different Deaf people to not use BECAUSE. They've told me it's too English. They prefer that you use a rhetorical question because it's more ASL. For example, instead of signing, "I GO STORE BECAUSE I NEED EGGS", they would prefer you sign, GO STORE WHY, NEED EGGS. That fits better to ASL grammar.
  11. That sign can also be used to mean SAY. If a deaf person sees a hearing person say something and wants to know what they said, they will tap their chin like that with scrunched eyebrows. It translates to "What did they just say?"
  12. Lysandor

    Usind "Do-Do" or "What Do?" Try and Translate!

  13. Lysandor

    Hello! (An introduction)

  14. Lysandor

    Help translating a sign

    We really need some context on this. Is this from a video? What was the topic being discussed? Where on the body was this sing used? This is too out of context to really analyze.
  15. Lysandor

    My Experience Signing with a Deaf Couple at Work

    Your video comes up unavailable.
  16. Lysandor

    Listing in ASL. Try and translate!

    PS. Rolando, I really appreciate these videos. They're short and your signing speed is really helpful. Great work in helping people with their receptive skills.
  17. Lysandor

    Listing in ASL. Try and translate!

    I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. My 3 dogs names are Edi, Molly, and Osita. My cats' names are Mittens and Shredder.
  18. Lysandor

    Hello it's nice to meet you!

    Great practice. We can all help. First little bit of advice. The sign for MAKE in ASL does not work the way it does in English. MAKE in ASL is literally to create something. So for making friends you would want to sign something like FRIENDS ME WANT NEW. You can use MEET, FIND, ACQUIRE. Just not MAKE. Make is an English word that has about 10 different uses in English. In sign, the sign for make is literally to create something.
  19. Hey there. For anyone interested in practicing who has a Glide account and would like to use it with others here, please post them here. I can start a practice group that we can all send messages to each other with. Mine is GAEHIWB. Add me and let me know that you're from this site and I'll add you to a practice group.
  20. Lysandor

    Hello, Comrades

    Hi Veronica. Welcome. What resources are you using to learn right now? There are a ton available. I would imagine that LV has a decent amount of classes you could attend.
  21. Lysandor


    Good job AJ. Work on your facial expressions too. Your signs are really nice and clear and crisp. But without the facial expressions you're doing the ASL equivalent of talking monotone. Give them a little life.
  22. Lysandor

    Name Signs

    I've been told that a hearing person should never ask for a name sign. It's rude. My understanding is that when you have immersed yourself enough in the Deaf community they will decided when it's time to give you a name sign. And honestly, I would bet it comes from annoyance. I imagine if you are enough of a part of the local Deaf community that Deaf people will get sick of FS your name and they'll give you a name sign out of personal convenience.
  23. Lysandor


    That's an English idiom. It might not make sense to a Deaf person. If you sign SHARE LOVE people might just think you're trying to say you're a slut.
  24. Lysandor

    A.S.L in graphic novels.

    So, I'm gonna be a little bit of a di*k. This is kind of offensive. And you'll end up pissing off Deaf people doing this. This is at it's best cultural appropriation and at worst it's audism. This is taking a culture that you apparently know nothing about. A language that you obviously know nothing about. And then using those things for your own personal gain. If you want your graphic novel about deaf people. Why they need to be deaf, I don't know. Unless you're just using it because you feel your characters need to have a disability, and deaf was the winner of the day. But how are you going to give your book an "authentic feel" if you can't bother to take the time to learn enough about a culture to say a basic sentence? Do your own work. Learn it, like everyone else has had to. Spend some time with a deaf person. Learn who they are as people and then you can speak, as an outsider, to their culture. But to just ask someone to do work for you so you can gain from another culture is a little offensive.