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    • Hi, I am Sally. Just finished one semester of ASL. Would like to practice before starting semester two. But, I don't know how to work this site
    • I came up with this idea mostly as a bit of fun between friends but then I watched a movie called A silent voice and I realized that this idea could be useful for the deaf / mute. Basically there is a new keyboard called tap this is the website www.tapwithus.com in case anybody is interested Anyway the basic premise of the keyboard is finger combinations = letters. this can be easily done say if you are holding somebodies hand or something you can make out what fingers they are applying pressure with a little practice. for example each of the 5 fingers is a vowel (aeiou) Here is a demonstration:   
    • I don't know if this thread is still monitored but I would love to join up. As well
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