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  1. Hello my name is tye and i am hearing! I am 13 and almost in high school. I've always wanted to learn a language but i just didn't know which one to learn so i chose ASL. ASL has been part of my life for a few days now. I've improved A LOT during my study, and i have a book by Rochelle Barlow on ASL for beginners my mom bought me. I know how to do simple introductions and a few random words but i need help in grammar and where to place my signs. I also know the ASL alphabet pretty well and i can fingerspell really well. I would love to encounter a person who knows ASL so I could practice having a conversation. Thank you for reading, and contact me if you want to talk! WISH YOU LUCK! TYE.IS.THE.SKY
  2. should sign language be taught in schools?
  3. i would do the sign with ''baby" and "tree" just because a baby tree is a sapling in proper definition, but there is no sign for that. so you would do both signs Example of baby tree:
  4. i would appreciate if somebody could practice with me!
  5. hi my name is tye and i'm 13. i am learning asl because i want to communicate with deaf/hoh people and the community. It's also fun to know a separate language that i can use when i want to say something in secret
  6. hi i am tye. i have been practicing asl for a little bit now. i am not fluent but would love to become VERY fluent! i am looking for someone to practice with
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