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Hello all! I have been studying ASL on and off for ~5 years.  I completed levels 1-5 at a school with all Deaf teachers. It’s been about 1.5 years since I actually practiced my signing and because of that I’m VERY rusty. I’m looking for an ASL practice buddy to help me expand my vocabulary and to just chat with so my signing stays fresh. I’d like to video chat 1-3x/week using a platform such as Skype or Zoom with “voices off” so that we can utilize our ASL skills and not our English ones. Please comment if you’re interested and we can figure out things from there! 

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Yes! I'm very interested! I would love to have a practice buddy. I am hearing, and I want to have real practices with someone instead of just looking in the mirror while signing XD . I'm a beginner, maybe I can learn a bit from you!

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Hey, I'm interested. I've been teaching myself ASL for ~4 years, and I am hearing. I'd really like a practice buddy to get better at reading other people's signs and make sure I'm signing coherently. I can use discord or another social media to video chat and practice :)

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    • I haven’t had in-depth conversations with anyone who had to use sign language their whole life owing to the fact that I haven't met many, and even the ones I did, I just didn't. So, I will ask my questions here: I know there's no other option, but I am more interested in the logistics part--how did you learn sign language as a person with hearing/speech impairments? Since language (any mode of communication) works on consensus, what was your formal training in sign language?
    • Sorry if this is the wrong category, I picked the one that seemed to fit best.  How would I go about finger spelling two words in a row? How would I show the space between them? 
    • Good Luck for the ASL 1 online school. I won't be able to provide you with any knowledge or advice for conversation skills. Hope you get a reliable resource. I can help you out regarding assignments as I know a person who has taken online assignment writing services in UK. He told me, that he was extremely satisfied by their team of writers, because they provided him guidance on assignment writing and helped improved his grades
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