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  1. Hey! So I saw a sign and I asked and I still wasnt clear what it meant. Can someone clarify? I cant find it anywhere on the internet. apologize for the crappy image quality...
  2. dalejr2148

    Hello, my name is Bailey.

    Looks like "f*** you" to me, honestly. I see so many variations of it, it looks really close to the variation one of my friends uses, so I would be shocked if it was different. edit: could be "you decide" but i doubt it
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    Want to Practice?

    im willing to hop on at any time with you. just let me know
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    Transcript: Hey! I am Evan. If am fluent in ASL and I notice many of you are new to the language. I will try my best to give you practice, especially receptivity. I found receptive is more important than actually learning the signs. If you can receive well, you probably will be able to sign well too. Let me know if you want to chat. Love you all