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  1. my name is takota im 15 want to work with someone if you could respond to this a quick as posable beacuse i get lonly and i just want to leaarn
  2. my insta is takota_dance and my email [email protected]
  3. maby inside out?
  4. omg i would love to work with you
  5. i know people can be buzy but is there people thaat are not buzy alot and would like to work witm me im 15 and i would like to learn asl though chat diloug i want to learn right so i can help others be more aware whats like to comnicate beacause some people cant conicate my email is [email protected] and when i learn (sometime i like to show people things and just chat randomly idk why but just a heads up )
  6. hi my name is takota do you want to work with me
  7. im on istagram and i sent you a mesage
  8. and i know there gramer im 15 turning 16 i be love to learn with her
  9. hi i dont know many signs but i can still learn with you
  10. sure i can work with you i do not use discord but i can use google meet
  11. hi i 15 im learning asl i would love to work with you
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