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  1. Here's a first animation of our character Dr. Randy. Any feedback is much appreciated and helps our animator! She is signing: WOAH! Earthquake there excavate place do-do. Loud lightning! Why no-idea. You alright you (eyebrows up)? https://i.imgur.com/Pg3lBjc.mp4 dr.randydialogue1.gif
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Zein, I'm hearing and are working with a few other people on a sci-fi action-platformer VR game that features a deaf main NPC that uses ASL to communicate with the player. The player can sometimes respond with single-word answers by picking up a word bubble that changes the hand shape and then making the corresponding gesture (e.g. pick up the fist for YES, then tilt the controller up and down) I am currently learning signing myself and I'm reaching out to communities to get feedback for authenticity and inclusion. I have some dialogue lines for the character but
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