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In Portugal we use this website to learn signs and there are several other languages in it, because it's also a translator  https://spreadthesign.com/pt.pt/search/ I remember seeing asl and bsl there too! Do you guys use it? Unfortunately they don't have many resources and can't add all existing signs, but I really like it! It's made by the Deaf Associations here and the University of Porto- Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. There's also a map with signs for places and sentences. Please keep in mind, not all signs have the corresponding translation. For example, deaf people in portugal say: "name mine silvia" and not "my name silvia" they also say "beach I go" instead of "I'm going to beach" therefore the sentence structure is different than asl :( Thank you! I am so happy to find this asl forum I couldn't wait to tell you this until tomorrow! Here it's late 😂 Bye everyone!

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That's great to hear about the website you mentioned, spreadthesign.com! It's fantastic to have a resource that allows people to learn different sign languages, including ASL and BSL. The inclusion of 3D signs adds another dimension to the learning experience. It's important to recognize that having a resource allowing people to learn different sign languages, including ASL and BSL, is fantastic each sign language may have its own unique grammar and sentence structure, as you mentioned with Portuguese Sign Language. Understanding these differences can enhance communication and foster cultural understanding. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource with us! Have a good night!

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    • Hi! I just started ASL today with great interest. As of now, I only know the basics including the alphabets, numbers 1-20, a few colors, and pronouns. Although I will only be learning on my free time, I still hope that I will be able to make friends here and learn together with them! 💙
    • Hey there, I'd be interested to chat and see if our levels match well for practicing together Message me!
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