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  1. Angelo

    My song project for ASL 2

    one question before I go to bed. I used the sign for "America" to refer to the musical group named "America" Is this proper in ASL?
  2. Angelo

    My song project for ASL 2

    Wonderful! 😃 GREAT Song! I love America! Great ASL Thank you I could not interpret everything you said, but I will be studying it. This was truly a delight. Thanx!!!
  3. Angelo

    I'm ready to practice.

    Rolando, I butchered your name TWICE. My apologies. When are you usually online?
  4. HI im  shawn and just let me know when you ready i have facebook to i be on there be on there all the time 


    1. Angelo


      Hi Shawn.  

      I'm not much on FB.  Is there an advantage of FB over using the chat room in this website?  I am working 12 hour nights until Thursday morning, so I'll be much more available then.



  5. Angelo

    I'm ready to practice.

    And, I'm HOH.
  6. Angelo

    I'm ready to practice.

    Hello Ronald, This is a beginners attempt to say: I''m learning ASL because my daughter is learning ASL and will be teaching my grand daughter ASL in 2 months. I'm excited.
  7. Si Simon, I'm a new guy on the block. Is there any way to see who is currently logged in? If I want to have a Video Chat with someone - I go to the Video Chat Room and type a message on the left stating that I am currently in a chat room, then I get in a chat room for beginners. Is this the best way???? Also - my email seems to get full as soon as I send 1 (one) message. Is this normal. Thank you very much!!!! Angelo
  8. Angelo

    HoH - Need to Learn ASL .....

    Hey Gadget, I am Angelo. I would love to have someone else to SIGN with. I'm definitely a newbie and not good at all yet, but I am trying. Let me know if you want to have a test session with me. Thanx! Angelo
  9. Good Evening ndaigle. Are you still online?
  10. Hey man.  I am here!

    Nope, I have a problem posting my video here.  I can post a video to the FORUM, but not here. 


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    2. Casey


      I will not be on in the morning.  I don't know when I will be home in the afternoon because I will be working.  I will let you know when I get home at night

    3. Casey


      I'm going to need your Full name and address, because I can't find you on facebook and I need to know what your profile looks like

    4. Angelo


      I will probably be out until the wee hours of the night tomorrow.  I'm on my 7 days off, so I'll probably just check occasionally when I get back and rested up.  Sounds like you are there a lot - so if you're in when I look log in - GREAT!  Otherwise, I'll try again a little later.  AGAIN - I really do appreciate your time and if every I hang around too long, I won't be offended if you kick me in the butt to get me to  log off. 😄   

  11. This is a test

    Test didn't work here - but it did work in the FORUMs.  

    Any clue why this would be???


  12. Angelo

    Hello from California

    This is a test
  13. Hum, my inbox is full with virtually nothing in it and all of my posts with videos get messed up now.  I will play with this site a little more before I try to have an ASL chat.    

    Thank you very much!!!

    As Arnold said -


    I'll be back!!!


    1. Angelo


      I deleted everything in my inbox - not let me see if I can add a video. 

      .......  2 minutes later - no, I can no longer record videos. 

      In case I don't get back to you - I really do appreciate your offer to sign with me.  




    2. Casey


      I'm ready when you are

  14. Hum,  SignLanguageForum said the last two videos I recorded got messed up during processing.  I'm gonna log onto a better computer and try again.  You still here?  

    Let me try one more video!

     I'm having problems navigating this sight, so please bear with me.  I'll get used to it.  

    I'll be back in a few minutes after I change computers.

  15. Angelo

    Hello from California

    Hello Jim, I have pretty much lost all my hearing in one ear. It's like I have a pillow stuffed in it. Dr. says nerve damage. Anyway, I'm just starting and very slow. If you think you can put up with me - I'd love to practice with you.