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  1. Daron McNutt

    How do you sign Courage and Honor?

    @fearlessfighter4life out of curiosity, was this how they were signed in person? If not, how were they signed?
  2. Daron McNutt

    How do you sign Courage and Honor?

    TRANSCRIPT: You asked about two signs. First, C-O-U-R-A-G-E. Second, H-O-N-O-R. The first is signed like this, the second is signed like this. Hope this helps!
  3. Daron McNutt

    How do you sign Courage and Honor?

  4. Daron McNutt


    Welcome Capt. Lou! In my opinion, any reason to learn ASL is a good one! You don't need to interact with deaf if you want to learn a second language (though I do recommend it). ASL is useful for hearing people too! Good luck on your journey, stick with it!
  5. Daron McNutt

    I need help with 2 signs please.

    The first sign is "TAKE-CARE-OF" The second sign is "PLACE" Hope this helps!
  6. If the hand is by the side if the head, it could be a version of the sign "WHY"
  7. Daron McNutt

    Hello! Rainbow here!

    Welcome Rainbow!
  8. Daron McNutt


    Sure! Kinda on this topic, have you heard of ASL slam? Its an event that is popularizing ASL slam poetry and the like. Might be something you are interested in😃 https://www.aslslam.com/
  9. Not any sign or trend that I am aware of. Sounds like people just goofing around!
  10. Daron McNutt


    Late reply, but you are right to sign THEATER in an exaggerated way. This sign would interpret to mean closer to "dramatic." PS. Facial expression will get you even closer to your intended meaning
  11. This is the perfect place to post this! In my experience, the ILY handshape version is more friendly and succinct, good for goodbyes to friends or lovers(works for groups too). The I, Love, You version is more emotive, and can be used more emphatically. I would use it for emphasis or if you're trying to make a stronger point(body movement and facial expression are vital). Hope this helps!
  12. Daron McNutt


    It depends on the sign. Some, like "drink", are iconic, meaning the sign has direct correlation to the meaning or motion of the object or action being signed. Others, like "good", are arbitrary because there is no clear connection between the meaning of the sign and its motion, handshape, position, etc.
  13. Daron McNutt

    how to ask question in ASL

    Rolando is right that the eyebrows make it a question. However, the question "Did he do basic level ASL last year?" is a yes or no question, meaning that you must raise your eyebrows for it. You lower your eyebrows for "Wh-" questions (Who, what, when, where, why), such as "Who is your doctor?"
  14. Daron McNutt

    A bit about me!

    @Angelo I just meant that I have run into a lot of lag in these chat rooms that Skype often doesn't have. Another good option is Facebook Video
  15. Daron McNutt

    Hey everyone!

    Hey Kelly! Are you taking the ASLPI Evaluation? If not, what competency exam? I'm asking because I've recently taken an interest in the whole ASL levels concept and was trying to figure out where I stood(I'm self taught). Anyways, welcome!