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  1. Hello, everyone. It's difficult to be online at the same time as everyone in order to reply, or find people to sign with, so I have created a discord. You can get the discord app on your phone, and it gives you notifications as if it were a text when someone talks in the server. You can video chat with ease, and meet new people who want to sign with you, and you can use it on your computer, too. Discord is free for everyone, so please, come join and start signing easier! Just click the link below to start! Please DM me if you have questions. https://discord.gg/YwnPRHQ
  2. I would love to! My friend and I are actually trying to create a Skype group! Would you like to talk more in DM about usernames and such?
  3. Hello, I am looking to start a practice group to practice signing on Skype. We could decide a time to meet, and hang out and talk ASL! Please either DM me or respond to this thread if you are interested.
  4. Hello, I am Rainbow (or at least that's my screen name). I came here so I could practice my ASL and speak to new people using the language as I learn more and more everyday. I am a college student studying to be an elementary school teacher. I love dogs, and really all animals and I looove to sign, I wish I knew all of it already and could speak fluently! Le me know if you ever want to video chat. :)
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