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  1. Hi! Sorry this is such a late response. Yes, HoH people can give name signs but only IF they are a member of the Deaf community and fluent in ASL. Those who are not any of the above & not Deaf/HoH should not be giving out name signs.
  2. I have over a years worth of experience, and I made a friend who is deaf that is always showing me something new. I’m used to tutoring Spanish, and honestly ASL is quite the same (in terms of tutoring a beginner for Spanish). I’d love to share my knowledge and experience of ASL.
  3. I find myself using these words a lot, and just wanted to share.
  4. Practicing some finger spelling. Before recording I was struggling with the second middle school and high school names 😝 Hope this helps a little for your receptive skills.
  5. *Look at how the eyebrows turn this into a question.
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