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  1. I will be in nursing class tomorrow I get off 4:30 I have frequent breaks I can either meet after or during a break I have lunch break 12:30-1:30 est wow that’s amazing I didn’t even know they had video chat on here I gave ppl I personal emails to FaceTime because I didn’t know it was possible thank you for telling me good to know yes you can make the appointment and we can play it by air
  2. Hey my name is Nylasha do you practice sign language [email protected] is my email and iammblessed is my Instagram if you want to check it out I got some sign language video on there we can set a time and day how many times you want to learn a week I love learning and showing asl signs
  3. Ofc I asked about it as another source to learn asl but we def don’t have to talk about church or anything related to such ofc I will still want to do sign language anytime works best with me either on weekday or weekend you let me know the day and time I am on EST
  4. Hello, my name is Nylasha I been learning sign language for a few years. I’m interested in teaching or practicing sign language with any one of all age group. I recently became connected with a all deaf church to better understand sign language and get closer to GOD. [email protected] my Instagram is (iammblessed) there’s some sign language video on my page if you want to see I love to practice asl on zoom or any other video chat platforms hope everyone’s have a bless day
  5. Feel free to reach out I can help with sign language email [email protected] That is also my Instagram (iammblessed) name where I do a lot of sign language gospel
  6. I love BILL. I am always willing to help to teach I love signing I don’t know everything but I can share what I do know. Anyone prefer a platform to video chat which do you prefer zoom, Skype, ?? My name is nylasha I’m a hearing person I go to a church for all deaf people to learn asl better
  7. I send a request to do sign language I can show you many signs phrases
  8. Hello my name is Nylasha they are both good resources you can also YouTube I’m not 15-17 I’m 28 years old I’m still learning asl but if you want we can like zoom Skype whatever I can teach your things in asl my Instagram iammblessed1 I have sign language videos up there if you want to check it out I just became familiar with a deaf church I also recommend mingles with a deaf community because they can help you learn sign language better than anyone
  9. Hey I’m still learning asl I know more than I did before are you up for practicing with me my name is nylasha I just became familiar with a deaf church to help me also with my signing along with social media YouTube etc
  10. Can I text you? I’m interested in learning more as well I’m from Brooklyn, ny if you don’t mind
  11. Do you have fb zoom or anything I’m interested in learning more asl and sharing what asl I already know
  12. Can you practice with me too? I’m still learning ASL I know something I also just came familiar with a all deaf church to better communicate with the culture and language along with signing
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