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  1. @Lena That is no problem!! So sorry that the videochat is running late, my wifi went out! i accepted your contact request on zoom
  2. Hello!! I will be hosting a zoom meeting for teens. In this videochat, we can all just chat and have a good time - and maybe even teach each other a thing or two! You may use english or ASL, but for either one you use - be prepared to type CC/translations in the chat for those who are Deaf, HOH - or not fluent in ASL. If you are interested please DM me on zoom, feel free to add me as a contact! ([email protected]) If you want to join the videochat, you must be a teenager. Anyone 18+ or -13 will be removed from the call. Please respect this, and do not join unless you are a teenager. This is for everyones comfort and safety! (I'm 14; turning 15 soon) This videochat will be monitored by my mother, although she will most likely be offscreen she will still be able to hear and see us. I look forward to chatting with you!!
  3. Hellooo!! My name is Kai. I'm almost 15 & I use he/him pronouns. I am currently looking to make friends & practice buddies - I am learning ASL because I cannot always speak verbally due to my anxiety. I am a beginner, but I'm okay with chatting with anyone (14-16), whether you're a beginner or not! If you want to text me, contact me on zoom please!! I'l reply much faster & much more often than I will on here. (Just add [email protected] as a contact, that's me! I'll respond ASAP :D) BTW, I might host a videochat tonight at 6 PM EST! You'll be welcome to speak in ASL, English, or by using the text option. If you'll only be using ASL, please be prepared to also translate in the chat for people who aren't fluent. ^^;
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