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  1. I recommend that you look up the words you see in an on-line dictionary and piece together the words. We should not DO your homework for you. That's not learning. Practice makes perfect. Even mistakes are learning opportunities, so I hope you will try to figure out what she's saying as best you can. Also, the site you sent was not able to be opened. Here are some resources: ASL Handspeak https://www.gallaudet.edu/asl-connect/asl-for-free/asl-by-topic https://www.lifeprint.com/index.htm
  2. until

    I plan to join in today. Thanks for offering this event!
  3. Thank you for your reassurance that we can still meet and talk about mutual interest topics, Nylasha. I'd love to chat with you tomorrow (Sat) afternoon if you're free. I'll be free after 12 pm PST (3 pm your time?). If you name a time, I can meet you then as I'm pretty free tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to set up the video conf "chat" room via this website or would you like me to do so at our arranged time? It's super easy to connect via video chat on this site. I love it! Looking forward to meeting you soon! Cordially, Alison
  4. Hi Nylasha, Thank you very much for your offer to help me learn ASL. Much appreciated! I live in the Pacific Standard Time Zone (Seattle area). I would love to chat with you when we can plan a time to do so using a custom chat room for us via this site. (It's very easy and convenient to set one up!). I'm free during the evenings and weekends by arrangement. What time works for you? I do want to mention that I am not religious because I notice that you are. I just want to put that out there because I don't "talk" in religious ways, and definitely respect your faith. If you still want to sign with me, that would be great!
  5. until
    Hello. I live in the Pacific Time Zone and would like to meet some other ASL learners so we can help each other learn and stay motivated to learn ASL. I hope you can join me for my event today at 1:00 pm PST!
  6. Hello Cnen, JamieHonds007, Fia and Angel, Thank you for offering to sign with me! I would love to know how to get in touch with you. I stopped going to this site because I had trouble connecting to people while on it and am still wanting to know how to get in touch with people when they and I are free (i.e. to speak/sign directly to someone!). I will enter each of your pages to see if I can set up a time to pracice signing with you. Look forward to meeting all of you! Cordially, Alison Sattler
  7. Meet me in the Beginner ASL Chat Room if you'd like to practice communicating with a fellow beginner (me!) and, hopefully, other beginners. We can teach each other signs or finger spell what we don't know. Plan to chat for 1/2 hour.
  8. I tried to connect to the event yesterday and even sent a message to the organizer and this site's administrator to find out how to do so. I am still waiting for a response. I was unable to access the event yesterday. I'm guessing that it's no longer offered and should be removed from the calendar.
  9. I'm a beginner signer and would like to practice with people using the Beginner Chat Room. Would anyone like to join me?
  10. I love learning ASL from Dr. Bill Vicars's ASL sites (his free ASL University site at https://www.lifeprint.com and his fee-based site, ASL Training Center). He's funny and a great teacher! Another fun learning site is Sign Duo at https://www.facebook.com/SignDuo. Hope you like them, too!
  11. Hello! I'm learning sign language to help me communicate more easily at home and with other hearing impaired people, including my sister and others I hope to meet in the future. I have always been deaf in one ear, but am slowly losing my hearing in my hearing ear as well. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to hear, even though I wear hearing aides. I have beginning level skills, having learned from Dr. Bill Vicar's ASL University course (and from his free ASL learning site, Lifeprints.com). I would like to pracice with other beginning level signers OR very patient higher-level signers. I'm excited that this site offers an opportunity for me and others to learn from each other!
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