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  1. Nikko


    So how it works is I will note you two down as a student and I will give you the days when you have classes.
  2. Nikko


    Hello everyone! If anyone is interested in taking some beginner asl classes then you can message me!
  3. I mainly teach beginners.
  4. Nikko


    Hello! I teach classes to beginners if anyone wants to join. If you do just look at my events.
  5. Hello everyone! Remember I do classes on Mondays, Wednsdays, and Fridays. I also do practice every few days.
  6. until
    Another ASL class to learn.
  7. until
    This is a class to learn some ASL.
  8. I host events pretty often so just drop by any time and check them out. If interested take some classes from me! Bye!
  9. until
    This is for people who want to learn more ASL to take some classes.
  10. I am down to help anyone with ASL practice. To find me look for my events.
  11. This will be for people who are learning to be with others to help them practice.
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