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    I find myself using these words a lot, and just wanted to share.
  2. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Song Translation by Rolando

  3. Practicing some finger spelling. Before recording I was struggling with the second middle school and high school names 😝 Hope this helps a little for your receptive skills.
  4. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    how to ask question in ASL

    Ah, that's right. Thanks for the reminder guys!
  5. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    how to ask question in ASL

    *Look at how the eyebrows turn this into a question.
  6. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Describing my Home. (Homework 1)

    Gotta present something like this in class 😡 I'm still working it. Please let me know if you were able to take a peek at my house with this description.
  7. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    First Day at School (ASL 3).

    Sorry for the long video πŸ™‰
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    What does this sign mean?

  9. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    School Starting Up Soon.

    Translation: Hi everybody! School starts soon, August 15th. I'm a little nervous because I'm going to be attending ASL 3 classes. I think I'll be fine since I study hard, plus I've completed my general education classes, so I have more time to study ASL. I hope I can share my ASL 3 experience with you all. Thank you (Hope this shows/adds some new vocabulary to your lexicon!)
  10. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Good at vs. Bad at

    🍳 ⚽
  11. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Introduction and a request for help

  12. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    The sign for β€œHope”

    *Also, I could of used the same facial expression for both signs. Again, it's just my opinion, so I put more emphasis on the second version because I think it has more meaning to it. (Facial expressions are important!)
  13. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    How to sign a word

    For "carnival" think about a Ferris Wheel. People on it sit (so like this). So in conclusion (end) this is the sign for carnival.
  14. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Listing in ASL. Try and translate!

  15. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Last Night. Can You Translate?

  16. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    The Weather in New Mexico. Try and Translate!

    The sign I used was "desert" 🌡. You can also sign "dry land", but I like the other version
  17. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    pointer finger to middle of chin - what is this sign?

    A thought occurred! "Miss" (Just as @Deatei meantioned). "I miss you" or "I miss my dad." "I miss my mom".
  18. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    pointer finger to middle of chin - what is this sign?

    Translation: I'm going to show you some signs using both the chin and index finger. Ready? The first word you and I already know is "disappoint". "I'm disappointed". Next, "tell". "I told him/her blah blah blah", or "He/she told me blah blah blah". This can also mean "say" by tapping the chin. "What did he/she say?" "Ah he/she said blah blah blah". Next, "Serious". "He/she is serious". "I'm serious". Next, "true". "Wow, is that true??" It can also mean "Really?". "Wow, really?". So ya that's about all. Are there more words using both the chin and index finger? I don't know. You tell me
  19. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    Does FORGET sign mean anything other than FORGET.

    I don't think so Angelo. It's just forgot/forget.
  20. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    The Five Parameters of ASL:

    When I took ASL 1 in school, my teacher pounded this info into my head. The 5 parameters are... Handshape Location Movement Palm Orientation Facial Expression